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From Idea to Seed Fundraising!


The story


It all started with a guy. The type of person who can be described as a « serial entrepreneur ». He created and developed brands in the Retail sector.

When he has contacted 26lights to get advised, he had no idea that it was the first step of an amazing journey.

During our first meeting aroud a coffee, we were talking about his job and the way he’s doing it. A big pain came rapidly as we were chatting: he was spammed by Whatsapp messages of his staff to arrange the planning of the day… A sign?


His first idea to solve the problem was to establish a messaging system for restaurant staff (waiter/waitress, barman, hostess, etc.) in order to organize their shifts themselves when there is a last-minute change.

26lights analyzed the problem with a higher perspective to see what could be the other solutions of this problem. The concept came clearly: what if we can automatize the whole scheduling process, from A to Z?


Our engineers team started to brainstorm to see which kind of algorithms could to solve at best this scheduling issue. We found a good way, and decided to test it.

So we worked on a prototype for 2 weeks, implement a kind of solution to make a real test.


We were bluffed by the results of the prototype!


So the client decided to go for another round: let’s develop an Alpha to test it in “real time conditions” in one of the creator’s shop, and the feedbacks were great and bright. The users loved it!

This useful system helps both sides (managers and employees) to get organized and to manage, in a more efficient way the work of every one.


Sucessful proof of concept, let’s go for a seed round of fundraising!


The decision was to go for a seed fundraising stage to go the step further and launch the product commercially.

26lights coached him on building the business plan, drafting a business & technological roadmap. With several proposal in hands, he chose an investor and left the incubator to continue his journey!


Thanks to the combinaison of coaching, business design & technical development, we achieved, in less than 9 months, to help a successful “brick & mortar” entrepreneur to cope with the start-up lean & agile approach.


The product will be available in early 2016!

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