online workshop

1 free hour of online workshop!

Today, more than ever, we have to support each other 💪 We offer you 1 free hour of online workshop in order to find the digital work tools that answer best to your team’s needs while working remotely 💻
While working from home, some of our clients have taken the time to take a step back and to adapt their strategy to manage the crisis.

Our job is to challenge you and to help you grow your business!

With our online workshops, we can help you:

  • digitalize your company (today more than ever we understand how crucial that is!)
  • review your business model to make it more resilient to external shocks
  • think about new markets to reach thanks to Marc Gruber’s methodology, The Market Opportunity Navigator


These are just a few things amongst what we can offer you during an online workshop!


Our working methodologies are based on Visual Thinking, making it very easy for us to work collaboratively via our computers!


Let’s take a step back together!

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