Our Philosophy

Light has many meanings and many uses. It can be a beacon of hope, a pathway to follow or a healing light, but it can also reveal things lurking in the darkness. 26lights was created with one simple thought in mind: help others to shine!

Our mission is to help you grow and build a beautiful company*. To reach that goal, we’ll do everything in our power to help you shine your brightest. We’ll light your path, guide your growth and shine a light in the darkness. At the end of the day, we want to help all our clients reach their full potential.

*A beautiful company can be different things to different people. It can be a company where things are automated, and everything moves efficiently. It can also be a company where everyone is happy. Our clients define what a beautiful company is to them, and we help them develop into that definition.


52 / 2* = 26lights

Do More With Less


*Weeks / Productivity

8 years of experience helping

more than 50 start-ups and scale-ups in Brussels

We value agility as a mindset and as a competitive advantage.

Happiness is a Key Success Factor. Because of that, we pay attention to help you align your strategy with who you are.

We cannot promise you success, but we can promise you that we will be involved in your project. Reducing your costs is important to us. Therefore, we bring our knowledge and use the best techniques to work as productively as possible.

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The Core Team


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We do not believe in strict coaching programs. We use a tailor-made consulting approach to

help you in the challenges you are facing.