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Modern Companies need Modern Tools

We love Companies with a Soul

because a healthy and profound sense of purpose unleashes people’s energy

We love Collaborative & Agile Methods

because the ‘silo’ era… is over

We love Visual Thinking

because we need to see things clearly to take good decisions

We love high quality software with innovative technolgies

because Mobile, Big Data and a faster time to market require it 



Do more with less

(52 is the number of weeks per year)

Our mission is to help « start-up » and « scale-up » companies to grow in a modern way and to develop fantastic softwares.


Ultra-efficient  techniques combined with sense of purpose will free you time to realize your dreams.


We bundle innovative Management, Business and IT techniques to make your project really successful and delight your customers profitably.




Start Ups

Large and Fast Growing Companies

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Art Credits:  Romain Guy & Tal Zanzuri.