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Management Services 


Healthy MissionCulture TransmissionAgile Organisation




Through coaching and training, we challenge the mission statement to cut the bullshit from it and to anchor your company in a direction that has deep roots.
The business  competition cycle has now been reduced from decades to years.Organizations must rely oncollective intelligenceto allow teams to rapidly solve problems and to create opportunities. We provide you and your leaders with simple and powerful tools – using rational, emotional and subtle intelligence– to allow your management style & organization to evolve.

Business Services

Department StrategyBusiness Process Business Expertise


We developed a Business Management Framework based on visual techniques. This simplistic and powerful tool enables you to get the global picture  when you define your strategies and tocollaboratively clarifyyour business processes.
Based on our 10+ years’ experience in agile organizations, we also provide you with specialized business expertise – Sales, People Evaluation, Finance, Marketing, Recruitment,..  bringing simple and innovative models that work well with a modern company.


Technology Services


IT StrategySoftware DevelopmentSecurity

We set-up world-class agile development teams to build, with you, Reactive Applications that become
long-lasting competitive advantages.
We use the very best of technologies like Scala, Play!, AngularJS, Activiti Process Engine,iOS, Android and architectures (SOA, EDA..)
to  focus on scalability and modularity.

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